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Vote for The Southdowns for CBC's Searchlight 2019 Contest!

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Starting today you can vote for The Southdowns’s entry song “Continental” for the CBC 2019 Searchlight Contest!! The ability to cast your vote only lasts until February 14th.

With your help, If The Southdowns make it past round 1 we become eligible for amazing opportunities including a performance on CBC television among other incredible prizes!!

To vote, simply click here:

Or you can go here:

1. Go to where all the entries are listed under “Artist Entries.”

2. Sort the artists by province "Ontario" and search for The Southdowns.

3. Each artist entry will have a button to vote, along with options to share the entry on social media.

4. For added points, CBC’s hashtag this year is #Searchlight2019.

5. You can also tag @cbcmusic to let everyone know who you’re voting for.

6. The more you share, the more exposure and hence potential chances to win.

You can vote once a day until the end of the voting portion of the contest. We’d appreciate it if you can make a point of voting every day, although every single vote counts and we are extremely grateful for any support you can throw our way…

There are literally thousands of round one entries this year, and we’d appreciate this opportunity. We’ve been working diligently in the background to complete a new EP with some new material along with some revamped classics from our initial release. We can’t wait for you to hear it – stay tuned!

Jeff, Joe, Nick, Greg and Joey

The Southdowns

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