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The Southdowns to be featured on Sarnia's Best Rock K106.3 FM on Radio Show Beyond Mainstream!

Tune in on Thursday, June 11th, on K106.3 FM to hear The Southdowns - Night of Our Lives on the radio show Beyond Mainstream, produced by the Grove Productions.

You can tune in live by heading to K106.3 FM's website and clicking their "LISTEN LIVE" button:

Alternatively, you can download the Radioplayer Canada app on your smartphone or tablet, and tune into the radio station directly.

The show will be archived on the K106.3 fm website for easy listening.

Beyond Mainstream is produced by Mike McKyes at The Grove Productions, and features new and upcoming local artists. We are extremely grateful to both him for discovering us, and K106.3 FM for airing the show so wider audiences can hear our EP.

Visit The Grove Productions online at:

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