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Vote for The Southdowns in CBC Searchlight's Top 100

Family, Fans, and Friends! WE'RE IN!!

You can vote for us by clicking here:

The Southdowns are humbled, honored and excited beyond measure to announce that out of the thousands of entries for CBC Searchlight 2019,  we now stand among the top 100 finalists for the semi-finals in Round 2!!!

This would definitely not have been possible without the loyal support from our fans, from all four corners of the nation, and everywhere else. - THANK YOU!!

Now, here’s where we need your help! Your continued support means everything if we have a chance of moving forward to the finals. You can help us out in two ways: 1)    Please vote daily, from as many devices as you can, as often as the website allows; and 2)    If you can, please spread the word. Share, post about us on social media, and ask for others to share, as well – if they feel so inspired.

Voting for round 2 starts today, and lasts until 3pm Tuesday, February 26th. From there, JUST FOUR bands will be selected for the finals based on a judging panel, and three bands will be selected purely on votes from the CBC Website (SEVEN finalists in total).

Again, we’d like to reiterate how thankful we are that you guys have rallied behind us, and we look forward to seeing this through to the finals, with your ongoing support.

Sincerely - The Southdowns!! 

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